Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Project365 Frame 065 Mar 6, 2013 1150 hrs

My second lesson in Photojojo University is about Composition. The main two learnings I got from these online photography lessons is the "Rule of Thirds" and how to try different perspectives. Rule of Thirds is a rule of thumb for visual arts like paintings and photographs that suggests to imagine two equally spaced vertical lines and two equally spaced horizontal lines on the whole image and place the main element along these lines or on the points where these lines intersect. It is not always a good thing visually to place the main subject right on the center. It also suggested to try different perspectives in taking a picture.

After the lesson, our assignment is to take a picture keeping in mind the "Rule of Thirds" from a perspective of a squirrel. I got this picture in our driveway and put my iPhone cam behind some rocks at the foot of our pine tree.

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