Monday, July 28, 2008

Going Back To My Roots

It seems a long time already but my last trip back to the Philippines was February last year, 2007. This year I will be visiting my home country again this coming August. I have three main purpose for this trip, the first one is to attend the Maasin Fiesta on August 15th in honor of Our Lady Of The Assumption. The second purpose of my trip is to attend the church wedding of my friends who are already residing here in Las Vegas. The wedding will be in Cebu so I will spend 5 days in Cebu so that I could also meet my old friends from my previous work. My third purpose is to attend the Paloma Clan reunion on August 16th. This is a family reunion on my mother's side. This is quite a big event for our family since the Paloma clan from Maasin City will be the host for this reunion. My parents are also going with me on this trip as well as my best friend Willie. I'm also planning to meet my high school classmates and hopefully we could find time to meet up and maybe have fun for one evening. On the last 4 days in the Philippines, I'm planning to go to Manila with my friend. This is not his first visit to Manila and Cebu but his first ever in visiting my hometown, Maasin City.
I'll make it a point to update this blog for the whole duration of my trip.