Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Nice Gift

According to the dictionary, Poetry means the art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken, for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts. Poetry is everywhere around us, in music, in visual arts, in nature. Birds in flight is a good example of poetry in motion just like what you see in any dance performance. Poetry is in everything and in everyone of us. The difference though is that not everyone of us can express oneself and ones thoughts in poetry. It takes a lot of hardwork and practice to write and recite poetry.

A friend of mine actually has the knack of expressing his inner feelings through his poems and at this early, I already consider him as a budding poet. He once promised me to write something for me and he came up with this composition. Its beautiful in its rawness and frankness and I'm very flattered that he made this for me. I'm very proud to share this with all the readers of this blog.

When I was sitting,
and carefully thinking,
of a gift to a friend
that will last 'til the end.

I look at the night sky,
and wish on a star,
help me find a way,
to be with you though you're far

You're one of a kind
that I've found in this world,
I never thought we'll be
forever friends is what I see

Someone who's there always,
ready to help in many ways,
even in times of happiness and sorrow,
He's ready to face tomorrow.

A gift for a special friend,
that I was thinking when I was sitting,
is being delivered,
by this poem I believe....

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Poet, the Artist and the Porn Star

Just like everybody else I've tried using my computer to communicate with friends and relatives as well as meet new friends. The most common method I used is the Yahoo Messenger although I have used Skype which works just like YM. I'm more into YM because all of my friends and contacts are using this. I have also became a member of a social netwrok called and although there are also other social network that are similar with the one that I used, I have kept my extensive profile in Friendster.

I have met many kinds of people online using these method and I would highlight some that I befriended the most. First and foremost I have met my best friend and buddy here in Las Vegas. We've been friends for quite sometime now. The next one, I have met a guy from Manila which I mentioned in my previous blog. Our contact faded as quickly as it started because he just doesnt want to chat with me anymore. Maybe he found somebody else more appealing for him. Nevertheless, I wished him the best since he's still an acquaintance. I also met another guy online which I also briefly mentioned in my previous postings. We became very good friends over the net and regularly chat on YM. We discussed any topic and the longer we chatted we seemd to know each other for a long time. We both opened up each of our life stories. Unfortunately our communication just stopped. I dont know what happened although from our last chat, he had something to tell me which he wasnt comfortable enough talking online. I did not forced the issue and that was I think my regrets. Up to this time I was still hoping to get in touch with him. I dont want to end our friendship at all.

Out of the blue, I befriended a mechanical engineering student. A very kind and witty kid, mature enough for his age. We became close to the extent that he started opening his life to me. He considered me as his older brother and in return I treated him as what he expected to be treated by big brother. I've been reading his blogs because I can see a budding poet in the making. He usually post poems in his blogs, poems that probably came upon his mind given the right mood. During my brithday last February, he shared with me a poem that he composed for himself for his own birthday. I have posted this poem in this blog.

I think I was blessed enough to meet another kind and understanding person. This time, he is a singer-composer and a song writer. During our first chat, we kind of open up ourselves and seems that we already have known each other forever. He's one of the most caring and thoughtful person I've ever met or known over the internet. I hope to meet him in person. This one, I'm praying that we will be friends forever.

I did meet some weird people, too. These kinds of people also abound online and if you're not careful enough, you will get to meet them in one way or another. I met someone who was kind and sweet at first but became something else on the course of our chatting. He started flirting to me and even stripped off his clothes in front of the camera as we were using the video chat feature. He was like a porn star stripping naked while seducing me. Fortunately, it was not my cup of tea so I stopped chatting with him right there and then.

In real life, you still meet all kinds of people but meeting them online is more prominent. One has the tendency to over act from what they really are. Maybe because of the fact that you were not meeting the other person physically so you feel safe in presenting yourself to others more than what you really are.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

At Work With The Robot Named ReX

My workweek came and gone with no problems at all. The whole four days or I should say nights, were smooth as silk. I work for McKesson Automation which provides automated solutions for health care. One major product that we provide is the Robot-Rx, an automated storage and dispensing system for unit dose medications in the form of pills, capsules, unit dose cups and syringes. We need to repackage these medications individually so that it could fit into the rods inside the Robot for storing. When orders were generated by doctors and transmitted to the pharmacists which in turn would convert them into doses, our McKesson system controlling the Robot would identify the drugs and the number of doses so that the Robot can dispense these drugs to individual patients. The whole process seems simple but there are a lot going on behind the scene than meets a visitor's eyes. A lot of work is done in repackaging the medications from the actual ordering of medicines, the actual repackaging and restocking the Robot. This would also entail a close monitoring of inventory for both Offline (outside the Robot) and Online (inside the Robot)inventory locations. Without proper or correct inventory levels on these locations could cause shortage of drugs or medications essential in saving patients lives. I am not allowed to talk more in detail about my company and the Robot itself but its suffice to say that me and my co-workers became closer to the Robot machine that we usually refer it as a person. I appropriately named him ReX from his official name Robot-Rx.
Attached is a short video showing ReX at work. ReX is doing restocking of IV vials repackaged in individual small plastic bags.