Sunday, July 24, 2011

Getting Ready

It's been since my last blog update here, since July 4th to be exact. There's not much to talk about my life for now except that I am spending more time on Twitter and Facebook than writing on my blog. I hope my blog provider will not delete me from their membership.

What makes me more excited nowadays is the upcoming trip of my brother back here in the USA. This coming July 31, he will be coming over from the Philippines for a visit. It was a good timing for him since we were planning for a summer roadtrip for about 10 full days. Our route will include Palm Beach, San Fransisco, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe and Reno. This is a good time for my brother to see America on the road. On our way to San Fransisco, I am planning to drive along Highway One which has the most interesting and beautiful view of the Pacific coastline but this is also the longest route from Los Angeles to San Fransisco.

I have not completed all the preparations yet although our hotels were all booked already except the hotel in Reno. The Reno itenerary was added on the last minute since my mom wanted to see Lake Tahoe and since we still have a few days to spare, I agreed to include Reno as our last point of destination before coming back to Las Vegas. I have my appointment with my car dealer tomorrow to make Mr. Connor MacLeod (that's what I call my Toyota Highlander based on the movie and TV series Highlander)fit for his longest roadtrip so far. Next is to finalize the details on what to do in each destination we go. My camera though is always ready for action. Hmmmm...have to focus on what to wear....wait how about the weather???

Will post more details on the roadtrip as well as pictures...soon.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Drenched on 4th of July Weekend

Last July 3rd was our opportunity to attend American Independence Day activities at Lake Las Vegas Resort at the city of Henderson, Nevada. It was a Sunday and me and my dad were off from work. Although I was lacking of sleep since I worked the previous evening, I decided to go to the venue early so that we could secure a spot for parking and a good spot to view the performances on Las Vegas' only floating stage. This would also be my big opportunity to take pictures during the fireworks display which they said would start about 9:00PM. Its a picnic day for the family and the admission was free to the public. We packed some snack items and a lot of drinks in a portable ice chest. We braved the heat at around 4:00PM and we got a good spot to spread our blanket where we can sit and view the activities. Unfortunately huge rain clouds formed overhead and I got a text message from my friend that it was already raining in the city of Las Vegas. Later on an announcement came out that it was already raining hard in Henderson. The people booed, stood up and start dancing to ignore the possibility of rain. We were anticipating a concert by the Henderson Philharmonic Orchestra and then followed by the fireworks display later that evening. At around 7:00PM, big rain drops start falling on us, the DJ blasted on the volume of the music and people started dancing under the rain. I think Mother Nature didn't like the defiance so she poured more rain on us. At first people just used their blankets to cover themselves from the rain but lightning came in succession that most of the people including us were running to take refuge. We were all drenched by the rain but we still managed to have fun. I think the rain was welcomed by the people because it was a brief break from the summer heat, we are talking triple digits in temperatures here. Small kids were just playing and running around in the rain. Around 8:00PM, the rain was still pouring hard on us that we decided to give up and just go home. There went my photo shoot opportunity.