Monday, December 31, 2012

Rebirth for the New Year

Before I would proceed with this entry, I would like to apologize to the blogging world for not being able to come up to the level of expectations required of me as a blogger. I've been writing about the highlights of my life in the past years and I guess I came to a point that I ran out of something to talk or write about. Most of my blogger friends may disagree on my rationale but this is what I felt inside me. I didn't want to write just anything in my blog with no hint of truth in it, I'm not a fiction writer. My blog is all about me and everything connected to me and my life, its just a personal journal. I'm not a political person so if I wrote some political issues in the past, its just my own opinion and it was not intended to create a major hoopla to the community and the world as a whole. That being said, I would like to revitalize my blog again. It's kind of a New Year's resolution for me. During my absence from the blogging world, I got a lot of ideas on how to restart my blogging again. A friend of mine have been pushing me to pursue my so-called elementary grade passion on photography and I guess I picked something from that idea. Ever since I got my iPhone 4S, I've been using it to take pictures on everything in my path. I've been downloading apps pertaining to phone photography and even opened an online gallery where I could actually sell my pictures to anybody who are interested. Instagram is one social network app that enticed me to take pictures and share it online. I'm so into "iphoneography" that I basically missed the opportunity to write something about the pictures I got and post it in my blog. I therefore realized that even how much boring one's life is, life still goes on and there is always something new to share with other people. Starting tomorrow, January 1, 2013 I will slowly transform this blog into a photo blog in order to cater to my photography project called Project 365. I will embark into this major project, taking and sharing one (1) picture a day for the next 365 days. To help record and track the pictures I got, I will write something about each picture and post it here in my blog. I got this idea while browsing around my twitter account and came across a tweet from an online photography store that suggested a few photography projects to start with for the coming new year. I hope I could do this and get 365 pictures worth blogging about by the end of the year. So, help me God!