Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Have a Bypass (burger)

Project365 Frame 158

I visited the downtown area yesterday to meet up with my friends & cowokers. We had lunch at the Heart Attack Grill along Las Vegas Blvd & Fremont Street. Being a Guinness record holder of the world's most unhealthy restaurant, we've got to try their products out of curiosity. By their menu offering of outrageously named burgers like the single bypass burger which is actually a regular single patty cheese burger, one can just imagine how a quadruple bypass burger would look like. Their butterfat shake has the world's highest fat content. Their french fries are advertized as being deep fried in pure lard. The rest in their menu are all dangerously unhealthy. After finishing my double bypass burger, my verdict is that it just taste like an ordinary cheese burger that I can find in my work's cafeteria or the burger that you can make at home. I found my own spinach cheese turkey burger much better than the bypass burgers. Their gimmick of hot nurses as waitresses, doctors as bartenders, all customers in surgical gowns and the perception of death after eating their food items are the big attractions for the tourists. Their caloric contents?....these are no different from McDonald's, Burger King, In-N-Out burgers and other burger joints out there.  Of course you'll drop dead one day after eating these burgers everyday, breakfast, lunch & dinner. By the way, if you could not finish you food, your sexy nurse would spank you with a paddle, just like mothers do.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Project365 Frame 157

Every time I go to my favorite Starbucks Cafe, I always use their free Wi-Fi connections. Logging into their free network, you will get some perks like free music downloads and free Apps. They always have these credit-sized cards with access codes that you can use to redeem these "goodies" from the Apple iTunes and App Store. If you don't like these downloadable "goodies" you can always delete them from your Apple devices. Most of the free music downloads are from Indie artists and upcoming artists. If you are also in luck, the App pick of the week might be the one you've been looking for. My latest downloaded App was called Over, where you can put texts in different fonts, color and sizes into your photos before sharing them online. They also have several templates that you can use for additional in-App purchases.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Morning Starter

Project365 Frame 156

What a way to start the morning. On my way to the gym, I dropped by Starbucks for my favorite hot mocha with soy instead of milk. Coupled with a piece of banana walnut bread and some morning news over my iPad, life is still that enjoyable.

Sleepless in Vegas

Project365 Frame 155

It's not actually sleepless. I worked extra day last Sunday so I planned to postpone my dinner treat for my dad for Father's Day. I slept early on Monday morning after work thinking that we could go out late in the afternoon. Unfortunately my mom was not feeling well so we cancelled our plans. I actually slept almost 10 hours and when I woke up it was already about 10pm. After watching tv for awhile, I went back to my room to try to go back to dreamland but unfortunately I only kept on tossing and rolling on my bed. There was nothing else to do so I just played around with my iPhone cam and the resulting is this collage of my selfie pictures that I just did.

Monday, June 17, 2013

BURGR - Best in Town?

Project365 Frame 154

A weekend ago, I had a chance to meet up a coworker and dine at BURGR owned by a famous celebrity chef from Food Network, Gordon Ramsay, hence the spelling of his new restaurant's name. Unfortunately, I was a little late in going there and we had to catch up a show later. I wasn't able to enjoy much of the food because we were in such a hurry. They say its one of the best gourmet burger in town but it was unfortunate that I wasn't able to enjoy my burger sandwich. My burger had a fried egg in it and I even forgot its name. Anyway I decided that I need to go back to BURGR and try to enjoy my time in there. Maybe I could get a better review of it next time around. I think they deserve a second visit or two.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Dining Nook

Project365 Frame 153

Over the weekend, I went to watch a movie and on my way home I felt hungry. It was already very late and most of the restaurants were already closed for the day. Fortunately, I passed by a Subway Restaurant and they are open 24 hours. I went inside and since it was late already, I was the only customer that time. I was then able to snap a picture part o the interior of the place.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Starting the Day

Project365 Frame 152

I went to a Starbucks Coffee joint this morning before going to the gym for my Zumba. While sipping on my hot soy mocha, I took a picture of my cup and played around with a photo app on my iPhone. First of all I used its blur feature by selecting an element that I wanted to remain in focus while blurring the rest of the picture. Next I chose the filter that complemented well with the scene. Finally I chose a frame that made the picture looked like an old photograph.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Follow the Leader?

Project365 Frame 151

Driving home along the freeway from work this morning, I happened to be following another car with with a most fitting caption written on its back or rear windshield. It said "COME FOLLOW ME" and I literally been following it. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Oil on Canvas

Project365 Frame 150

I'm on it again, trying to capture artworks on display in my work place. In one of the hallways in the hospital where I worked, this is one of the framed paintings on display.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Quickie Breakfast

Project365 Frame 149

I had a quickie breakfast this morning with a friend before I went to the gym. I made sure that I only had a very light meal since I was going to do the Zumba. They said that you may eat a meal at least 2 hours before you exercise and that was what I did. We went to IHOP(International House of Pancakes) and while waiting for our order, I snapped the above picture of the restaurant's window looking out to the street.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Makeshift Polarizer

Project365 Frame 148

I went to Red Rock Resort & Casino this afternoon to watch a movie. After the movie on my way to the parking lot, I saw that the sun was almost setting. It was still hot outside even if it was already around 7:20 pm. I tried to get a picture of the sunset but it was too bright for my iPhone camera. Then I tried to use my sunglasses as a filter. The polarized sunglasses was a very good filter. It served as a good UV filter as well as a polarizer. It dimmed the sun's rays a little bit so the resulting image was not overexposed.

Depth of Field

Project365 Frame 147

This is just a random picture that I took this morning when I went to the gym. I tried to use the depth of field with my iPhone and I successfully achieved it without using any photo apps at all. I just focus on the flower by touching screen until the square focus area appeared, that allowed the background images to slightly blur.