Thursday, November 13, 2008

An Extraordinary Day At Work

For several years that I've been working in this hospital, last night was extraordinary for me. I worked in the evenings from 9pm to 7am the following morning.
The pharmacy department where I belonged to is undergoing a transition. Our Pharmacy Director resigned and his position is now temporarily covered by our sister hospital's pharmacy director. With a new boss comes with new policies and procedures. For the past weeks, we've been reviewing our procedures and processes in our own workplace. I myself have submitted the detailed steps in handling the Robot-Rx and other steps related to it. I've been working with our robot ever since it was first installed in our pharmacy and therefore I have the most experience as compared to the rest of the pharmacy technicians. The pharmacy is currently implementing new steps and procedures and for the past 3 weeks, I have my own share of surprises everytime I go to work. The new procedures were already implemented and I didnt realize that it would take more time to accomplish them than I thought at first. Last night was the first time that I didnt have my lunch break because I was catching up with the procedures most of the time.
It is a normal human behaviour to react negatively with change but obviously all the changes that were being implemented were for the betterment of the pharmacy services which in turn would result to patient's safety. All changes were geared to illiminate errors in medication dispensing. People just have to deal with these new changes and learn to live with it. Eventually all these changes would become a normal part of our daily routine in the pharmacy.
Stress at work?..its just a normal thing. One just have learn how to manage work related stress so as not to affect our individual lives. As for me, I'm looking forward to my days off so that I could spend them with friends and family or better yet spend it chatting online with a very special friend.