Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thrilla in Southern Leyte

Since 2010 when Zip Southern Leyte was formally launched and ever since I saw a video of my cousin braving the zip line ride over Agas-agas Bridge in Sogod, Southern Leyte, I've been dreaming to try it myself too. It is a 1 kilometer ride starting from a high elevation above the bridge. One gets the sensation of "flying" over the bridge. The Agas-agas Bridge is also the current record holder of being the tallest in the Philippines.

It was my first time to try a zip line and it was a ride of a lifetime. I was hesitant at first since I really didn't know what to expect. So far my experiences with thrill rides were only a couple of rollercoaster rides at theme parks in the US but I have read that this zip line ride is quite different. When the safety helmet and harness were attached, my adrenalin started to rush over me. With my little video camera securely strapped on my left hand, to record the whole ride, I was ready to go. With an average speed of up to 110kph downhill depending on the rider's weight, coupled with the rushing of air on my face, flying over hills and trees was an experience I could never forget. I could do it over and over again. The fear I felt before the start of my flight was replaced with the kind of high that I wanted to linger for the longest time. It was a different kind of thrill mixed with the heavenly feeling of flying. By the time I reached the end point way down below the bridge, I declared it to myself that I will do it again. I will be back Agas-agas!

I’m Home Again

I've been planning to go back to my home country, the Philippines to attend my high school reunion. It's been 35 years since I graduated from high school and I still maintain a close bond with my high school buddies. We always have fun together whenever we see each other. This reunion will be something to remember for a lifetime since we are probably the oldest jubillarians to participate in dance contests during the alumni homecoming day. I arrived in the Philippines more than a week before the big day in order to be able to participate in the dance practices. We are now ready but still there are some minute details to attend to in the preparations.

My travel to the Philippines was not without hitches along the way. It was all about waiting. Our flight from Las Vegas was delayed for about four hours due to a medical emergency on one of the passengers. This caused a chain reaction on my connecting flights. When I arrived in Manila, my Manila to Cebu flight was further delayed for another four hours and I have to use Skype from my phone through the airport's free Wi-Fi facility to be able to inform my brother in Cebu about the changes as they were to meet me there.

At last I am home again. I got the chance to have fun with my family and relatives when I celebrated my birthday with them. After my birthday celebrations, I am now focusing on our alumni homecoming. For the next two weeks, I will spend some time for myself together with my close friends in Cebu. There is not always enough time and there are still a lot of places and friends to visit but at least I can try to maximize my time here in my home.