Monday, March 4, 2013

Baked Potato

Project365 Frame 063 Mar 4, 2013 1400 hrs

Lunch time on may days off is either eating out with my friends or just having lunch in the house. Mostly on Mondays I always hit the gym early so after that I usually have lunch at my favorite restaurants. This week though, my left ankle is hurting so I decided to stay home. Our lunch was not the usual fare, we had baked potatoes and some barbecued ribs to go with it. It's not usual that we have baked potatoes so we actually don't have stuff for toppings. Fortunately we have butter and some spinach dip so I used it as toppings for the potatoes. I know it was unusual to have the spinach dip as toppings instead of sour cream and the like but I guess I have to make use of what is available. Bottom line I was so stuffed.

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