Monday, January 11, 2010

My Latest Online Shopping Experience

Lately, I lost my camera lens' cap and it bothered me because I might scratch or worse even break my lens so I've been looking for a camera store for a spare lens cap. Unfortunately during the holiday shopping rush, I always forget to buy the lens cap. I decided therefore to look for it online. I found the exact cap for my lens' size and after comparing the prices from different online merchants, I decided to place the order. Most of the time, these online merchants knows how to capture your interest on their products and lure you further to let you buy more items. My own experience was no exception. After placing my order for the replacement lens cap, the website gave out screen pop ups of several recommendations related to the item that I was about to purchase. Since the item I wanted was a camera accessory, the recommended items were also camera accessories most compatible to my Nikon D60 DSLR camera. Actually their technique worked on me, I was looking for some more items and realized that since I have now a new lens cap, I need also a lens cap keeper with elastic band. This would prevent losing again my lens cap so I place an order for it. Looking further on their recommendations, I found this wireless remote controller specifically compatible for my camera. My imagination starts rolling and I see myself to further experiment my camera and play around with its shutter speeds and aperture. A remote controller would be a great solution to prevent blurring of the resulting picture images so I placed an order for the remote controller. My shopping was not done yet because my mind still was working ahead of me. Once I got the remote controller, I would be enjoying much in taking pictures especially self-portraits or group pictures with me always in it therefore it would be possible that the capacity of my existing memory card would not be enough. This prompted me to buy another memory card as a spare. But wait, additional memory card would entail more hours of camera use and I got only one battery…whew! I've got to stop this. Logging out is the most appropriate remedy of this impulse buying.

My orders were delivered to me individually; maybe these came from various suppliers from various locations so I was not able to receive all of them in one package. I already received the lens cap, the lens cap keeper and the remote controller. I went back online to check the shipping status of the last item in my order, the memory card, and again the website showed me more recommendations….oh NO! Scanning my eyes on these items, I remembered that I've been thinking of having a set of lens filters that would enhance the clarity of my pictures so BANG! I placed another order for a set of 3 lens filters. Got to stop this craziness! Log out I just did.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Over The Weekend

The days that I considered weekend are the days that I'm off from work and these are Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. Yes, three (3) days off since I work 10 hours for 4 days. There were nothing much happened on my days off. Last Sunday though I went to a friend's house since the rest of my friends from my hometown in the Philippines had an instant get together party, eventually our post New Year's Party. Except for this party, there were no activities that I would consider a major one worth blogging about. Going to the gym in the morning is already a routine activity for me. Maybe because of the cold weather, I always felt lazy in going to the gym. It is always a big effort on my part to get off from bed, change my clothes and drive to the gym but proudly I was able to do it. I always want to hit the gym in the mornings therefore during my work days, I always do my exercises right after my work. During weekends, I still manage to go to the gym in the mornings. I don't go to the gym in the afternoons because it gets crowded and I hate to wait before using a particular exercise machine. Aside from the gym, I just stayed home and spent the rest of the day as a home boy. I preferred staying home for the rest of the day because I hate to go out and brave the cold. This cold weather always makes me sleepy and lazy. I like curling myself in the living room or in my bed and most likely I get to sleep doing this. The bed is so inviting as if my pillows are waving me to join them.

Not much happened in the last 4 days but I gained some benefits by just staying home. I saved big bucks from not going out and hit the bars, and since I usually oversleep, I also gave my body the necessary rest period in between exercise days.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Celebrations

This post is kind of delayed. I was working for the past 4 days and this is the only chance that I find time to start updating my blog.

Just like Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I ushered in the New Year 2010 at my workplace. Fortunately it was not really that busy so there was no pressure at all in terms of finishing my job on time. How I wished I was able to leave my work earlier but there were some routine and important work to do that could not be passed on to the next shift. Nevertheless working on New Year's Eve felt just like any other evening at work. This time though, I brought along my net book so that I could monitor and watch the fireworks display on the Las Vegas Strip. It was broadcasted and streamed live online. The hospital management provided us with a special meal and some bottles of faux champagne which was actually sparkling apple cider complete with plastic champagne glasses. Anyway, at the stroke of midnight, I and the rest of the pharmacy staff (there were 5 of us) opened the bottles of faux champagne and toast for the coming of 2010.

I was working up to Saturday night and fortunately some of my friends called me up for an instant get together party, our post New Year's party. Some food and drinks were in abundance while dancing and karaoke singing on the side as this was already the norm in every Filipino party. This party was kind of special for me since most of these friends I haven't seen since August during our Maasin Fiesta celebrations. I was kind of busy and they were working, basically our schedules were not in synchronized with each other.

These were my simple celebrations to meet up the New Year. I bet ushering 2011 next year would be the same since New Year's Day would still fall on my regular working day. Nevertheless, I still can find some ways to be able to celebrate the holidays in my own little way.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the best for 2010 will bring in our lives.