Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Toxicity In The Work Place

Whenever you're working on a particular task for quite sometime, you tend to get used to it and everytime you do the work, it becomes second nature to you. This is what I realized in my job recently. I've been doing this job for almost 6 to 7 years now and I became comfortable with it. I became so efficient in doing the work involved that I can't imagine myself doing something else. It became one of my life's daily routines.

Recently, the company acquired a new system to replace the system that I was working on for some time. I know that any implementation of a new system is for the betterment towards the company's goals and objectives. It should improve the way we do things at work. But, I guess it is human nature to resist any changes specially if the old system is working fine. There is always that lingering quote "Why fix it when it ain't broken." You really have to undergo a paradigm shift and come to terms with the changes given the fact that these changes will bring about improvement and efficiency of the current job you are working.

During the actual implementation, I had difficulty in adjusting my time with the work load. It seemed we are always busy and non-stop work throughout the whole shift. On my first week, I even skipped my breaktime just to finish everything. It is not only me, the other shift have to adjust with the new process also therefore it affects everyone in our department. After two weeks of this new process, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. The survival instinct in me kicked in and I'm finding my own way of getting through my work more efficiently and on time.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Feeling the Pain: I’m Human After All

"At least you have experienced pain, you're indeed human." I can't forget this line since it was the first time that it was addressed to me. I got it from my friend who made a comment on my Facebook page.

Even if I don't have the whitest and picture-perfect set of teeth, I can pride myself to declare that I didn't have or experienced the pain of having a toothache. Aside from the disappearance of all my temporary teeth in childhood, I never had any problems related to any of my teeth. I can still remember what the dentists said in my few times of visiting the clinic when I was still in the Philippines, that I have a good set of teeth and I have to take care of them.

About two months ago, I had one of my tooth chipped off. It was kind of annoying since my tongue could feel something sharp on that tooth. I decided to pay my dentist a visit. Since I arrived here in America, this will be my first time to see a dentist and use my dental insurance, a benefit from my job. On my first visit, x-rays were taken on my teeth, the dentist focused on my chipped tooth and was concerned that the chip actually exposed a part of the nerve so he frequently asked me if I feel any pain or pressure on the tooth every time he pressed on it. I did not feel anything so we agreed on the things to be done with my teeth although he made a note that there is a possibility of a root canal if that chipped tooth will hurt. On my second visit again he asked me if that chipped tooth is hurting and proceeded to set me up for a temporary crown. After that second visit, everything was fine and I was looking forward for my next appointment so that the permanent crown will be put on. It felt I had a new tooth already just with the temporary crown. Four days after that visit, I felt a little pressure on the tooth with the temporary crown. It suddenly became sensitive to hot and cold food or drinks. I just ignored it at first until the following day, the pain became so intense. The throbbing pain would radiate up to my temple and to my head. Unfortunately it was a Saturday and the dental clinic was closed so I decided to hang in there and try to live through the pain for the next two days. I was cautious to take any analgesic or pain reliever medications because of my kidney condition so I just took 200mg Ibuprofen only when the pain became unbearable.

This is my first time to suffer a toothache in 50 years so out of nowhere or maybe just feeling celebrity-ish, I actually posted my condition in my Twitter and Facebook account. Of course, my countless "fans" (LOL) were concerned and made comments on my post. One gave me a tip to just melt an ice cube in my mouth to numb the affected area. I followed the tip and it helped a lot, but one comment stroke a chord to me, "at least naexperience mo na kuya hehe.., tao kana haha.., joke.. ;)ingats" Wow! What were they thinking of me? Superman? Unbreakable? Maybe the feeling of pain is God's reminder to us that we are human after all, and I like that realization.

I already went to my dentist for an emergency appointment. He decided to have the tooth uprooted by January next year and replace or transplant it with a new one. To make me feel comfortable up to that time, he literally "killed" the nerve of that affected tooth and replaced back the temporary crown. He gave me a pain medication to manage whenever pain occurs and some antibiotic since he expected the affected tooth to swell so as to prevent infection.

As of this writing, I'm feeling quite well already, no pain although I still feel a little pressure on the affected tooth whenever I close together my teeth. A little pain is sometimes felt but it is more manageable since it no longer radiate up to my head. I just hope and pray that I will not experience this kind of pain again.