Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mexican Food

Project365 Frame 033 Jan 2, 2013 1000 hrs

The best thing to have a Mexican friend is you got to eat authentic Mexican food. What can I say, they are the experts and they know what is real Mexican or some Americanized versions of their food. My friend always introduced me to authentic Mexican food either in restaurants like our favorite taco shops or home-made food prepared by his sisters or mother. He and his family knows that I could eat almost anything (I think) except spicy hot food which are very common in Mexican cuisine. Fortunately he himself disliked spicy hot food (how unMexican of him) so I'm quite safe in terms of gobbling up unfamiliar food into my mouth as long as I stay in the safe zone, that is, I only eat whatever he eats. I specially loved the soft tacos, not the crispy shells since it could be messy eating them. Nachos are very good too, that's why in today's breakfast we went to a taco shop where we got nachos with steak (they have a specific Mexican name for it). I promised myself not to take pictures on things that I'm about to eat but this time I made an exemption.

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