Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chilly Mornings

Project365 Frame 041 Feb 10, 2013 0800 hrs

Chilly mornings are still here. For the past days massive snowstorms hit the North east as well as the Northwest parts of the country. Whenever there are storms in the California side, Nevada is always affected with strong winds. Since it is still winter time these winds are particularly cold. Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert that is why there is not much cloud cover here. The sun is always shining brightly during the day, we can only experience the coldness in the morning and towards the evening.

The photo feature for today is an example of one of these chilly mornings. I was driving from work along the free way and I took this picture while the car is still moving. The sun is already up but it is covered with rainclouds.

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