Friday, February 8, 2013

Candles to Blow & Cakes to Slice

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My birthday this year came and went with not much fanfare. I had dinner with my friends and my parents over the weekend. I went to see a show courtesy of tickets given to me as a birthday gift by a good friend. I really did not plan on anything to drum beat my birthday celebration this year because my natal day falls on a working day and besides if I plan on some party, I was doubtful if those that I invited could attend because its in the middle of the week. Nevertheless, I can still say that my birthday week was still memorable, thanks whole heartedly to my parents and to my close friends.

Birthdays should be a special day in a person's life no matter how you celebrate it. It serves as a reminder to be thankful to God for giving us life up to this day and an opportunity for us to ask Him for His blessings so that we still can go on living. As we go through this journey called LIFE, we get to know people along the way. Some of them probably we knew for just a short period of time, some may also stick with us for a lifetime. These people serves as our inspiration to go on with this journey because we know that no matter what the circumstances may be, they are there ready to support us. These are our family and true good friends.

I would like to take this opportunity now to thank first of all my God for giving me good health and a means to keep on living. My parents, they are always there supporting me. I may not be a perfect son for them but they are there to accept me as what I am with open arms. There was a time in my life that I get to know who my real friends are and truly they are still there with me up to this time. Thank you my dear friends, you know who you are.

Now, let me blow my candles and eat my cake.....

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