Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Home Alone 2 - Surviving

It's been more than two weeks since I came back from the Philippines and I'm still alone here in Las Vegas. I managed to get used to being alone in the house and going back to work was of great help for me. This way, I have something to look forward to every night, since I'm working on the evening shifts. My day off was quite enjoyable for me since I got invited by fellow Maasinhons for lunch last Sunday. I didn't have to think on something to do on that day. My best friend who usually was my companion on my days off was out of town having a vacation with his family but it was not a problem for me since I had some fun with my friends from my hometown. The following day I also got the chance to go out with some friends and have fun in a local bar. Even if I only got one drink, I still enjoy their company. Alcoholic drink was one of the things that I have to avoid or if not take at a minimum in order to take care of my remaining kidney. I really don't have a problem if I have to totally avoid alcoholic beverages since I'm not really a drinker and still can enjoy any party or gathering without it. I'm happy if I just settle on iced tea.

Don't get me wrong. I feel totally alright with myself. I'm still the same bubbly guy that I used to be before my trip to the Philippines. I'm not sick at all and I don't feel anything wrong on my body. It's just that since I knew the real status of my health, I have to be extra careful on what I eat and drink. You may call it paranoia but there is a need for me to be familiar with the stuff that I can take and those to be avoided. I still can do the things that I used to do in fact I'm dying to go back to my exercises. Oh yeah, going to the gym is the one thing that I still have to go back to. I missed the Zumba class already. Let's see if tomorrow morning could lead me to the gym. After all it's just a matter of will power to push me back on track.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Home Alone

After my "failed" mission in the Philippines, I'm back here in Las Vegas and back to what I usually do: work, gym, eat, friends and just to enjoy life. My family is still in the Philippines eagerly waiting for my brother's kidney transplant come May 11th. Yes, he found a suitable donor after attempts on some relatives including myself. We are looking forward to his speedy recovery and back to his former person and lifestyle.

I thought I'm used to being alone at home. I spent about 17 years working and living away from my family and it gave me the opportunity to be independent and to be my own self. That was about 10 years ago before I moved here in the United States. When I got here and joined my parents, I was back to the comfort of a home and family. This time though, I'm home alone for about 2 months. My first few days were kind of confusing, I know there are a lot of things to do but I didn't know what to do first and what to do next. Fortunately I managed to do all my laundry on my clothes that I used during my brief stay in the Philippines. I also did a little grocery shopping although I wasn't planning to do some cooking for myself. It would be more feasible to just eat out than cook for myself. I guess going back to work soonest is one cure of this home alone dilemma.

I guess I got to go and wash my car next.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I’m Outta Here!

For my last three days in the Philippines, I went to the now famous Kuting Reef Resort. Just less than an hour-drive away from Maasin City, this resort is quite out of touch from civilization. Why I said that? There was no clear signal for cell phones and internet connection. You need to move around the premises to get a signal. According to the management, they did not force the issue of getting full coverage of cell phones because the main purpose of spending some time in Kuting is to get lost from it all. I have noticed that there was no cable television installed in most of the rooms because again it was encouraged to forget the rigors of city life and just stay on silent mode and stay in tuned to nature. Just like a world class resort, Kuting Reef has some of the most common water sports facilities plus a little more. They offer an island tour to nearby Limasawa Island, the site of the first mass in the Philippines. The food was excellent for me and the hotel staff was most friendly and courteous. I also have noticed that even the staff speak the local dialect which is Visayan, they use the Philippines' national language Tagalog to communicate with all the guests. I occupied the casita accommodation which is like a modern bahay kubo with all the basic amenities that you can ask for including hot/cold shower.

My cousin Philip and his family spent the night with me for dinner and night swimming on the pool while my brother and his family as well as our parents joined me in the morning for lunch before I checked out.

As of this writing, I'm already in Cebu getting ready for my flight back to Las Vegas tomorrow.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Remaining Days

After I decided to cut short my stay in the Philippines, I might as well enjoy the remaining days before my return trip to the US this coming April 11th. I got only less than 2 weeks to do this so I went to Bohol and spent Good Friday in that familiar island. I said "familiar" since I have some friends in that place and it was not my first time to visit that island. I originally planned to go to Malapascua, Cebu's answer to Boracay but unfortunately I was told that there were no more places to stay since all the hotels and lodging houses were all fully booked. I changed my plan to go to Bohol instead. Since the hotels along the beach were fully booked also I decided to stay within the Tagbilaran City proper. I was not really crazy about spending the day in a beach so I availed the island tour. Come Easter Sunday, I was already in Cebu attending a mass at the Basilica del Sto. Nino. Going back to Maasin this week, you will probably see me spending some quality time with my family at friends at Kuting Reef Resort. I've never been there and I've heard a lot of good things about this new resort in Southern Leyte.

Since I arrived in the Philippines last March 16th, these remaining days will be the days that I could call a "vacation". Days that I could enjoy myself in the countryside, my family and friends and of course the food while still staying connected online, thanks to the wide availability of Wi-Fi. Most likely I'll be back much sooner than expected.