Friday, April 1, 2016

My Dad's Next Adventure

For 25 long years since my parents immigrated in America, they've been working hard to establish a life and financially secure our family in their adopted country. They petitioned us, their children to come and join them. Unfortunately, it was only me who was able to join them since my brother got married and lost his interest of coming to America. I joined my parents in the year 2000 and ever since tried to carve a piece of American life. During the course of our American adventure, the three of us experienced both ups and downs along the way. Both of my parents were already retired from their government positions back in the Philippines, but were still working hard when they arrived here. Fortunately here in America, one can still work a full-time job beyond your legal retirement age. My mom was the first to reully retire because of her failing knees. My dad kept on working until March 31, 2016.

Today is his first day of a new chapter of his life. He already just started his retirement years today. What he did on his first day out of work? Sleep, sleep and sleep. I guess it came new to him that he will never set up his alarm clock to wake him up early in the morning to start work. For me, it would be a welcome treat.  Congratulations on your overdue and well deserved retirement. Good luck on your new adventures. They are now ready to go back home to the Philippines to be with my younger brother and the rest of their siblings anytime they want. Now, I'm actually jealous.

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