Saturday, February 20, 2016

First Attempt

IPart of getting ready our backyard for Spring season is to start pruning our rose bushes to promote new healthy growth. This is also an opportunity for me to try to  grow roses from cuttings. Since this is my first time ever to do it, I did some research on the proper way to do it. It's just a simple process but you need some materials like the pruning shears to cut the stems, gloves to protect your hands from thorns, some potting soil, some small plastic planters and a bottle of root hormone. I did everything from the instruction guide I found through Google and hopefully in a couple of months I can see good results. The guide said that it would   take about nine months for these cuttings to be fully rooted. By then I can replant them somewhere in our front yard. 

I only prepared four cuttings from our red, white & pink varieties. Crossing my fingers that they will flourish to beautiful rose bushes. 

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