Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

I spent Mother's Day (May 11th) wth my mother, of course. I usually go out with my friends on my days off but this time, I made sure that I spent the day with my parents. In the previous years, I usually buy show tickets for my parents to watch. Last year I let them watch Mama Mia!, a broadway show here in Mandalay Bay Resort Hotel. This year, I just brought them out for late lunch. We went to Bayside Buffet in Mandalay Bay Hotel and had our usual long stay in a restaurant whenever we go to a buffet. Since we went there late, it was almost dinner already. They were serving food for dinner so there were a lot of seafood galore. We also had champagne with the food. This is how we usually celebrate Mother's Day and this is my way of honoring and thanking my mom for being the best mother that I could ever have.

Its typical for us Pinoys that we rarely express vocally our love to our family and loved ones. Unlike here in America where saying good byes to your mother or father, sister or brother, the expression of "I love you" is always included. So, given that fact, I always show my appreciation, respect and love to my parents in the form of gifts, buying them lunch or dinner, letting them watch a show or just by staying with them on their special day.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Too Busy For Comfort

Its been a busy week in my workplace. On top of that, one of my fellow techincians have some family crisis that she needs to attend to during day time for the next 3 weeks. In order to accommodate her request, I have to move around our schedules. I have changed my schedule temporarily from Tuesdays through Saturdays and I'd be off from Saturday through Monday for the next 3 weeks. I also have to pull out the other techincian from graveyard shift and let her work on day shift to replace the other technician in question. While the other technician with the problem will have to work at nights from Saturday through Monday, in this way she could attend to her personal business during the day.
I just hope that everything would be okay for her and the crisis that she is in will be resolved.