Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Lost My Baby!!!

Exactly one (1) week had passed that I mourned the loss of my baby. I havent got the guts to write about the loss because I was still hurting and in mourning. Now that its been a week when it happened, I think its time for me to bring closure and start living my life to the fullest again. Life is too short to be wasted thinking about my lost love, I have to move on and moving on I did.

Still confused about who I'm talking about? Its my new cellphone, Nokia E71. I got it in the Philippines when I visited there last August. After almost two months of glorious usage, I lost it due to my carelessness. I can't blame any other person or any circumstance but myself. I unknowingly left it, of all places, inside the cubicle of a restroom in my workplace. I worked graveyard shift from Wednesday through Saturday. It was around 4am, Sunday that the call of nature kept bugging me. Since I'm addicted with my baby, I brought it along with me to listen some music but when I checked the incoming messages, I got plenty unread text messages waiting to be opened. Have you experienced the calm that you feel after that huge rush of waste coming out of your system? I felt the same way and I thought I slept while inside the cubicle. Thinking that I was inside the restroom for quite a while, I quickly did the finishing touches and rushed out of the cubicle and back to my work. We were quite busy at that time so I havent noticed that my poor baby was left behind on top of the toilet paper dispenser mounted on the wall. I purposely placed it on top of the dispenser becasue I didnt want it to slip out of my uniform's breast pocket.

I only remembered about my phone after about two (2) hours had passed. I ran back to the restroom and my baby was nowhere to be found. I tried calling my number several times and nobody answered. I even left a voice message hoping that the person who found it would be able to open it...just trying to shoot the stars here. After several attempts, it finally went immediately to my voice mailbox, meaning my phone was disabled either by turning the power off or opened it and took out the battery.

Immediately that day, I went to the phone store where I first signed up with my cellular phone carrier. I told them what happened and asked them if I could get a new SIM card to be used with my old phone, the LG Shine. They were able to do a SIM swap therefore I could still use my phone number with all the bundled subscription plans intact. The old SIM card in my lost phone will be disabled. Adding more insult to injury, while I was still in the store, a guy came in and ask the sales associate how to activate a phone that he just found in a bus. The owner must have left it there. Anybody could buy a new SIM card and put it inside any phone making it useable again. Back in my mind (while silently sobbing...wiping invisible tears...) I thought that's what my baby's founder would do in order to activate it.

A close friend of mine told me to stop the senseless mourning on my part and stop crying over spilled milk. Hey, I love my baby and I'm crazy about it. If you cant undestand why I was feeling this way, go to, search for Nokia E71 and see for yourself. By the way, I'm looking at Nokia E71 right now at and start playing the idea of getting another baby for myself...hmmmmm.