Wednesday, August 6, 2008

First Day In Cebu - Aug 5

The longest part of the trip is done. We arrived in Manila International Airport around 3:50am of Aug 5th. We went through the immigration without any difficulty so we proceeded to the domestic terminal where we have to wait for our flight to Cebu. One thing that I immediately noticed is the muggy feeling of the air outside the terminal. I was sweating even if its still very early in the morning. Well, I came prepared for this so after the various inspections in the domestic airport and we were already settled in the pre-departure area, I changed with another shirt that I brought in my had carry luggage.

We arrived in Cebu around 8:30am and we were met by my brother and his family. I spent the whole day with them in Cebu and then sent them off to the pier where they took a boat ride for Maasin City, actually my final destination. I remained in Cebu and will not move to Maasin City until Sunday, Aug 10th.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Longest Part Of The Trip

We arrived in Vancouver, Canada safely at around 10:15pm from Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport. We are now waiting for about 1 1/2 hours before we can board again our plane on our way to Manila. This would be the longest portion of the trip before we will arrive to our final destination which is Cebu. This trip alone would take about 16 hours to arrive in Manila. For now I'm quite sleepy since I worked the night before but because of the excitement for the trip, I cannot get even a wink earlier.

First Leg Of My Trip To The Philippines - Aug 3, 2008

We arrived at the Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport at around 3pm. We were helped by a friend at the Philippine Airlines check in counter so we have an easier and faster check in process for our luggages. From Las Vegas, departing approximately 7:30pm, we will have our first stop over at Vancouver, Canada and then we will proceed to Manila for the longest travel time of 16 hrs. So far everything is good and we are waiting for our departure.