Sunday, June 20, 2010

Home at Last

Overcoming the most major crisis so far in his life, my brother is back home at last. It's been more than a month since he had his kidney transplant operation last May 11th in Cebu and now he is back ready to face the next stage of his life armed with a new kidney given by a kind individual. After the actual transplant there were scary moments for all of us because the new kidney did not function as expected by his doctors. Eventually the new transplanted organ came up to life and was functioning well since then. All tests came back normal so after three weeks in the hospital my brother was discharged. They stayed a few more weeks in Cebu because his doctors were still monitoring him closely but eventually he was given the go signal to go home to our hometown in Maasin City. Now ready to face his life with a new sense of normalcy, I bet he'll be missing those two days a week rendezvous with the dialysis machine. Take note that it's been a year since my brother started having his dialysis and that was last May 2009 while him and his family had their vacation here in the USA. Now those harrowing days are gone.

Thank you once again to all our family and friends who offered their help though their prayers. Our family is very thankful to God for hearing all our prayers. I would like to specially mention our parents for their love and support all throughout this crisis. With strength on our faith armed with prayers, we came out victorious.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Its Getting Better - An Update

After three weeks in the hospital, my brother was already discharged. He will still stay in Cebu for probably another month to have a close monitoring with his doctors. He is getting much better now as his new kidney is already working properly on him. His urine output is now normal at 2 to 3 liters a day. His creatinine toxicity level is now very low although it's still above normal level but its much improving every day. He is no longer scheduled for another series of hemodialysis. Hoping that this would continue for the rest of his life. He is well on his way to full recovery and back to his normal lifestyle. Yes, he will still be extra careful with his new kidney and this would take some time to fully adopt to his system but with this trend of improvement, it will be a bright future for him.