Friday, September 28, 2007


Now I would like to talk about "body" body in particular. First of all no "body" is perfect, even those on the covers and pages of fashion magazines, health & fitness magazines have their own imperfections in one way or the other. That is why cosmetic surgery is a multimillion business nowadays.

One could choose to correct their imperfections in anyway they please or leave it the way it is, but man has no satisfaction and in constant pursuit of perfection. We can always see some flaws on our skin, face, body form when we look ourselves in the mirror. I, myself is no exception.

Whenever I look at the mirror I have no complaints about my face but looking at my body, I know its going out of shape. Although I would admit that I'm in better shape now as compared to my college years but it's not enough. I'm not endowed with an athletic build and I already accepted the fact that I dont have the superior genes that is mainly responsible for the lean and shapely or even mascular bodily profile. I know that help is available in a variety of choices. I would either leave as it is, or do something to improve it. Improving my body also has many choices as to how to go about it, its eiher undergo to an invasive surgery or go the natural and more healthy way through exercise and diet. Undergoing yourself to a surgical procedure to correct the imperfections of your body would produce a faster result even almost instant but would definitely cost a fortune. The other way around, through exercise and good diet would give you results in much longer time but these results are more permanent and may not cost even a fraction to the cost of a surgery.
I've chosen my way, since I've been exercising for several years now, although not consistently, and choose to continue what I'm doing now. This time I'm pretty serious. I have proven in the past that regular exercise coupled with a good and healthy diet would indeed produce results. The problem is to be consistent on following your exercise regimen.
Setting a goal is the first and one of the important thing to do to start an exercise program, sticking to it is the hard part. I intend to improve my body, shrink my tummy and get rid of that beer belly and love handles on my sides, build up a little mass on my chest, arms biceps, tone up my legs and back. I'm not dreaming of becoming a bulging bodybuilder, I only wanted to tone up my body and put on some mass on parts where muscles should be present instead of fat.
Three months from now I'll post an update on how far I have gone. I've been going to the gym for the past few days already and its a good sign. I hope to continue doing it and set-up a routine where my body can identify and get used to.
Wish me luck, folks.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Going Back To Work

Today is my Monday of work, the first day of my workweek. I woke up late so I wasn't able to go to the gym (a good excuse...indeed). I just lounge around the house and flipping through my GQ magazines. I actually got 3 copies already that I haven't touched since I was kinda busy with "I don't know what".
I subscribed to GQ magazine just to update myself on the trend and proper way to dress up on certain occasion. I'm not dreaming to become a fashion slave but at least I'll have some ideas that I could add to my knowledge base.
Oh, I almost forgot that I have to pick up my pictures from Wal-Mart and send them to my friends in California and Houston, TX. Maybe I'll do that after lunch today.
I'm kind of sad today, a very close friend of mine will leave for Hawaii tonight. I'd probably not see him for several days and the thought of not seeing or driving him to the airport is what makes me sad.
Well, I've got to stop and take lunch with my folks...ciao!

Just A Normal Day

I logged this entry past midnight already but this is for Tuesday, Sept 25.
This is my last day off for the week, off from all worries of work, naturally I have to spend this day for myself. I started this day with a workout in the gym. In my previous entry, I mentioned about a sudden pain on my right hand, this time around its no longer painful but still I downed two pills for pain relief, just in case. I have done my exercise program smoothly, from cardio to weight training on the lower body. Most importantly though was that I was able to perform my bicep curls that I haven't finished the previous day because of the pain.
After spending time in the gym, I went online to check some emails and chat with some of my online friends. After lunch, I watched tv for a couple of hours before getting ready to go out. Showered and feeling fresh, I went to Wal-Mart to print some digital pictures that I got when I visited Houston, TX about 3 weeks ago. I'll be sending some copies to two of my classmates who spent time with me in Houston.
Dinner was no problem as I went to a restaurant where an intimate friend of mine works as a waiter. My friend already reserved a table for me and exclusively served my dinner. It was good to have a firend as your waiter because you'll never be wrong in choosing the food you'll order. You will be given that extra service that was not being offered to other customers.
Right after dinner, I went back home to watch a tv show, Dancing With The Stars, a favorite of mine.
My day ended with chatting online with my friends and writing this entry. I'm done for the day and I'm ready for another 4 days of money-making work.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Shocking Expperience

Monday Sept 24, its day 2 of my 3-days off for the week. I started this day going to the gym at around 8am. I think this is my first after three weeks of absence and whenever I eat so much I would feel guilty of all the food I've taken, just like yesterday when I had Japanese buffet with my friends. Am I being paranoid or what? I promised myself (for several times) to go back to the gym with a commitment for 3 to 4 times a week.
Halfway to my exercise program, when I grabbed dumbbells to do my bicep curls, I felt a sudden shot of pain on my right hand. I cant fully curl my fingers or close my right hand to a ball and cant even lift my usual 20lbs dumbbell. It was too painful that I have to stop my exercise and skip my bicep curls for this day.
Upon getting home, I put on the affected area with menthol pain reliever cream but it does not totally helped at all. Although I was able to close my hand a little bit, its still painful whenever I put some pressure on it. As my last resort, I popped in two tablets of 200mg Ibuprofen (Ad-Vil) to relieve the pain. It indeed helped but I know that after the effect of the pills that I took, the pain would come back.
I hope I just have the early stages of arthritis (meaning I'm not getting any younger), and not a serious one. I would better go back and see my doctor to have my routine physical check-up and do some bloodworks, too. Its time for my body for its regular what they say "you owe it to your body".

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sunday Lunch-out

I worked nights, that's from 8pm to 6:30am from Wednesdays through Saturdays. Today, a Sunday is the first of my 3-days off. I invited four of my friends to have lunch at a famous Japanese Buffet-Restaurant here in Las Vegas. Two of them are my new-found friends from Cebu, Philippines and they were here in the US for a business trip. Of course in every business trip there is always the pleasure part of it. They are on their last leg of their trip and they planned to go to Vancouver, Canada and stay there with some relatives for a few days before finally fly back to the Philippines.

The lunch went well except that me and the other friend of mine have to wait for the other three for a few minutes because they were caught in a traffic on their way to the restaurant. I always loved Japanese food so it was worth the wait since we already started eating before they even arrived. I tried not to fill myself with so much delicious food as I'm going to bed right after this lunch date and I always have difficulty falling to sleep when my stomach is full.
We left the restaurant around 2:30pm after so much eating and talking. I even exchanged numbers with them so that I could get in touch with them again when I'll visit Cebu, hopefully next year which calls for another blog entry.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My First Posting

This is my first blog post within and I'm quite excited about it. This is not new to me though as I was blogging in some other provider. I'll try to make this different from my other blogs and that would be a challenge for me. To justify the title "The Daily Grind" I have to write something on a daily basis....that's quite a challenge that I put up for myself.
What makes this blog different from my other writings is that I would include not-so-wholesome things that happened to it sexually explicit, with criminal intent or whatever thoughts I have at the point of writing an entry here. I will also post picture or video blogs to spice up these pages but most importantly to emphasize a certain point or idea.
You, readers and friends can actually help me out on this by posting some comments, be it good or bad to any of my postings.
Come back soon....